Bathroom in madness !

Discover the metamorphosis of a tiny desperate bathroom!

The wish list: relaxing, bright and modern.

The room has been completely demolished and redone.

To offer a spa atmosphere to owners, we chose for the floor a large gray ceramic tile with a stone effect, arranged with a marble mosaic in warm colors for the walls.

In order to clear the space around the new more spacious tub, we have built into the wall a stainless steel shelf. Apart from its practical use, its trendy look reflects the modern style sought by customers, and blends perfectly with the new contemporary cabinets and the massive white porcelain sink. New faucets with pure and modern lines complete the set.

To improve the lighting, we changed the simple ceiling light by two LED recessed controlled by a dimmer to create different moods, and added a wall light above the mirror. To ensure a bright room, we replaced the existing sliding window for a model with a one glass window – the visual result, give the impression of larger opening to the outside – and painted the ceiling and the rest of the room in a pure white colour!