Dream Up My Basement

Vincent and Chantal live with their two boys in a warm house on the south shore of Montreal suburb. Like many owners, they waited to finish their basement.

Today with two teenagers, this lovely family has absolutely to need more space. It became time to design the basement.

The couple wish an open family room, inviting and friendly, including a home theater, an office space, a play area and a space for the hostess’s exercise bike.

So we have to earn a few extra square feet to offer an airy space to this family. The solution: the adjoining storage room. I suggested them to reduce the size of this room to move the party wall with our future family room. After a meeting with the licensed contractor in charge of the renovation work, he certified us that this step could be achieved. Unfortunately, the steel column supporting the upper floor would be apparent. So we are going to integrate it in the design: a modern French country style in the image of this dynamic family, loving nature.

In order to provide an authentic and warm atmosphere to meet the expectations of owners, the new party wall has been completely covered with old bricks.

To perfect this country-style, two sliding barn doors are now opened on the staircases and the storage room. The supporting steel column, covered also it with old bricks, blends in with the decor.

To contrast with the rustic look and give a more current style, I opted for a palette of vibrant color, such as dark blue and a subtle touch of orange, arranged with a contemporary furniture.
Through its proportions, the large sectional denim blue fabric defines it alone the space for the home theater and brings the casual style wanted by its owners. A gorgeous dark gray wool carpet with pale gray motifs completes the setting. In the same shades as the new cork flooring, an authentic cask of wine placed on the side of the modular sofa, plays the end-table with fun.

To maximize the office space, a custom furniture was built. It offers large storage and a clear working surface.

The hostess’s exercise bike has also found its place. The dark blue wall reduces its presence and this way it blends in the setting.

The pool table that the couple wished integrate was my first inspiration to create this design that looks like a pub of the modern times.

To complete this scene, it only remained to devise a bar area, perfect for friendly evenings!