Fresh look for desperate area

Lyne, the homeowner, wanted to renovate her bland and outdated kitchen, confined in a corner of a dark and cluttered open area.

The Challenge: Create an inviting and airy ground-floor where the kitchen will be the focus.

The floor tiles in the kitchen and the entrance (we kept them) were our starting point to define the color palette: neutral and timeless shades of white and gray to harmonize the space with the existing furniture in the living-room and the dining-room. This is reflected on the walls and in each of the new features we’ve added: backsplash, solar blankets, curtains, lighting, small furniture (sofa and upholstered chair)…

We used an unnecessary access to the kitchen to design a bar area. It’s a wise choice. This helped to expand the space which was previously reserved for the kitchen and bring this touch of friendliness to the ground-floor. The combination of white and bamboo shaker style cabinets gives a current character, classic and warm, to the design.

In the living-room, the fine touch of silver gray gives a more feminine appearance to the room. Both existing table lamps from style Florida 80s suffered a small inexpensive facelift to integrate perfectly to the decor. The feet were painted with a silver gray spray and covered with voluminous lampshades of black fabric.

And a lovely reading area was created to fill the space near the window.

The entrance had to find its identity to become an own room. To define the configuration with the living-room, we took advantage of unnecessary access between the two areas to add a bench. This helped to maintain an airy space, while achieving an ingenious complicity between the two rooms.

This ground-floor breathes now the benefits of a balanced and harmonious design. Home sweet home: to receive, relax or share delicious moments with family!