Home Sweet Home !

Create an inviting decor, chic and feminine, while keeping existing furniture and the color of the walls, that was the challenge.

The pine wood cabinet has been my starting point. I suggested to change its appearance : Paint it, new door knobs and apply a floral wallpaper inside. The cabinet would then be positioned on the dining room side long wall.

This has enabled us to create in the place a small office space with new furniture. The painting, that the client already had, has found its place wisely behind the chair.

In the dining room, the contemporary chandelier in brushed steel finish has been the inspiration source to choose this silvery wallpaper, representing the fronts of the town house from 19th century, that we have framed and arranged on either side of the imposing mirror above the buffet.

New table lamps, few luxurious cushions and other accessories have been added to complete the décor, and make this room an inviting décor, chic and feminine, like the basement’s metamorphosis, to meet the client’s expectations. With success according her!